Monday, January 31, 2011

What's My Age AGAIN?

There's no avoiding it--today is my birthday. And as the song goes...nobody likes you when you're 23. Or do they? I'd like to beg to differ. I offer up some observations on turning the big 2-3 in a foreign nation:
  • I'm still seriously the luckiest girl on this planet, and I'm more convinced now than ever in the kindness and generosity of people than I was before. I've received more good wishes and thoughtful words than I feel like I deserve! Thank you all so so much.
  • It's adorable when your little 8 and 9 year old French students come up to you and say "Appy Birfday!" Even though it sounds like "barfday" at first, it's knee crunchingly cute. The kind of cute that is a sock right to your estrogen levels, if you know what I mean ladies. It's even BETTER when they guess that you are turning 19. HAH!
  • The French aren't big birthday people? Well...sort of. Yesterday was Charlotte's b-day too. For those of you who don't know, or don't remember, Charlotte is the oldest of the three children I keep track of, and she just turned 13 on the 30th. Subsequently, the family I live with had good friends and family over, and surprised us both with...king's cakes! Mmm, finger lickin' good! And I received the most beautiful orchid as a present! :)
  • When the HELL did I turn 23!? And where did the last three years go? As Becca put it ever so eloquently: " went to Cal....and you went to Cal...and then you went to Cal some more..." I guess that about sums it up? But it's got me on this scary slippery slope of "well CRAP, I'm 23...and then I'll be 24. And then I'll be 25! Oh crap! That's halfway through the decade to THIRTY! Where are my 20s going!?" I don't know if that's universal, or if that's strictly a Lindsay thing, but DAMN. If time doesn't go by quickly, then I must be the Queen of Spain!
  • Being 23 in France does not mean you are an adult. It just means you've finished your undergrad degrees and are trying to find work or...are living at home with your parents...or going to grad school. Oh wait, hey, that sounds a lot like America!
  • Celebrations, once again, are never about where you are, they're always about who you are (virtually) with. I say virtually because even though many of you are at least 3,000 miles from me, I feel like I could be sitting right next to you having a great conversation. And what would turning another year older be without good friends to remind you just how many wrinkles are coming in and how flabby your triceps are getting?
So really, what's my age again? :)


  1. Awww Grams, I was going to comment on your flabby triceps and wrinkles but you beat me to it!!!! ;)

    Happy Birthday, Love <3

  2. I wonder what the age cut off is for not getting your Blink 182 reference.