Sunday, September 9, 2012

so i wander through the streets
cobblestone, the scent of meat
peeling skins of history
tattered flags
my heart remains a mystery.

but you, my love, have never left
waiting for me on baited breath
a saint, a swami on the corner
with each return we greet

please stay please stay
you do say
come back again another day.

and yet i part and yet i
and leave you with a broken heart.

my mind runs bloody along
the river and bleeds into
the muddy stones
gravity snatching it to drink
and licking all like an icecream cone.

and yet i go and yet i go
oh how cannot you love me so?
a phantom on the borderline
a wretch twisted reverse
through time

down the docks and between the
turned on their lovely hairs
speckled with the flesh of geese
left alone the world does cease.

and yeats and eliot comfort me now
left along the lonely plough
surrounded by a hulk of solitude
i do smile, and lie to you
and you
and you.

crowded among the lonely books
backs breaking, death with looks
aging, aging ever younger
above the bed, over the clutter
in this silent room with music
the beams of wood above
abuse it.

and yet i go, and yet i go...
torn between the world so.

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