Sunday, April 3, 2011


The recent overwhelming theme of my life can be summed up in the neat packaging of one particular phrase, a phrase often blurted out while cradling my face between two hands and looking rather incredulously at my surroundings:


And I mean that every time in the best way possible. A few weeks ago I was running along the Seine with The Diplomat during a long run to train for the Paris Marathon. It was unbelievably beautiful out and we were passing the Pont Marie on the Right Bank when we stopped at a light along the quai and I let out a long sigh and "HOW IS THIS MY LIFE!!!!?"

The Diplomat gave me a pat on the back and responded "Because you've been a very good girl. You've earned this. Karma."

Whether or not I earned it is a philosophical question best saved for later, because I am overwhelmed with just how amazing it is to be here and how insane the opportunities that are presenting themselves actually are.

Take this past weekend, for instance.

I'd received an e-mail about a month ago from my favorite Berkeley French professor and former honors thesis adviser about a potential babysitting gig in Paris for a well to do family. She, being the adorable ex-Parisienne she is, has connections. So I followed up and scheduled a meeting with mom that happened this past Sunday.

The gist is this: I would be paid to do less as a non-live in au pair for these folks. I'd also be required to travel with them on vacation all expenses paid, and I'd be paid for all my over time on top of that. They'd also help me get an apartment in Paris, which is a hellacious ordeal for non-EU citizens.

Hitch: my visa is going to expire and I need to renew it somehow.

Moment of incredulity: I'm sitting at the table discussing with mom the visa issue because I take it the family really liked me, so we were thinking of solutions. Mom sits there and nonchalantly says:

"Well...I'm sure I could just call Carla. We could get the visa issue sorted out for you."

Carla who? CARLA FUCKING BRUNI! These people are FRIENDS with the FIRST LADY OF FRANCE.

Holy HELL!

So next year I could very well be living in my own apartment in Paris making good money to babysit/nanny for 16 hours a week and go on all expenses paid, wage earning vacations like St. Barts and the Seychelles WHILE DOING A MASTERS.

HOW IS THIS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!??????

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