Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mark the Calendar.

Mark the calendar: I JUST bought Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu in one volume in its original language. I could pee myself with joy I am so happy right now; if it weren't so heavy, I would've ripped the plastic off on the way home from the bookshop and started reading it on the street. It's me, Proust, and 2401 pages of thin paper with fine print against the world. SO DAMN EXCITED.

Mind you, the bookstore was heavenly, and I was so tempted to blow way more money than healthy on the massive shelves of Zola, Balzac, and other lovelies shelved there, but I restrained myself. I had better sign up for the free municipal library if I intend to not live in poverty this year.

(Shhh....don't tell anyone: I'm a full fledged nerd.)


  1. Proust! What about all the riots and strikes I keep reading about! get out there and break something! jk
    stay safe

  2. haha. I'll stay safe for sure--though I do have some friends who had some difficulties in the suburbs today :( Apparently the youth of France are starting to cause a ruckus...and the HS students are striking too. Oy vey!